“We don’t have to be smarter than the rest; we have to be more disciplined than the rest.”

-Warren Buffet-


Everyone that work’s out is working out for a reason.  Whatever the reason may be they are all equally important.  One may exercise to get off medications to live longer and another may do it to look good.  Each are important to that individual.  Why is it that some people are successful and some fail repeatedly?  There are people out there on their deathbed do to bad eating habits and lifestyle choices they’ve made over their lifetime.  I have trained a few.  I trained a man that was bed ridden in his mid 40’s.  His wife wasn’t in much better shape.  There had to be 100 prescription bottles in their apartment I trained them in for about 6 months off and on.  Going in I knew it wouldn’t last, but I needed the money and I wanted to help.  I don’t know what happened to them both.  They realized they needed to do something, but for the man it was too late.  Without getting into the “why” people make bad choices debate, what we can look at is the lack of discipline throughout others lives.  Some are just born into unhealthy lifestyles, which is tragic, while others make bad choices and find themselves in a hole one day.  You don’t get fat in a day and you don’t end up on cholesterol medication overnight either.

If you find someone undisciplined in one area of their lives you can bet it is not the only place for lack of discipline.  On the contrary if you find some extremely disciplined you can bet their is carry over to other aspects of life.  Discipline is created overtime.  Over prolonged obedience in the right direction.  Good habits are developed over the course of small daily, right decisions that align with your definition of success.  Bad habits are no different.  If you are making bad choices it is not to late to stop and start making good ones.  We want change right away so when we try and it doesn’t happen right away we quit and go back to what we know best; self destruction.


A few tips to help create discipline:

1: Journal daily. Journal your successes and failures and write commitments to stay the course. A sort of self pep talk. Create daily, weekly, and monthly plans/goals.  Writing things out helps tremendously.  The most successful athletes I have seen are note takers.  I would have to say the same with people int he business world.

2. Read.  Read motivational books and books on character.  One must change their mind in order to change.

3. Hire accountability or join a supportive community heading down the path you want to pursue. We often become like those we surround ourselves with.   Run with the turkeys or soar with the eagles.