Commitment To Fitness

Commitment To Fitness

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word commitment?  For me the first thing that comes to mind is marriage, the greatest earthly commitment in my eyes.  On the wedding day the 2 people getting married commit to love and serve one another through sickness and health till death do us part.  Why is staying committed to stuff so hard?  Well for one we are naturally selfish and self preserving.  When things get hard we look for a way out, instead of working through things.  There isn’t a marriage out there that hasn’t had its trials.  This isn’t about your marriage, but this analogy serves well to commitment.  Staying committed to something shows strong character. Character isn’t built overnight.

CrossFit has literally changed the lives of thousands of people.  No really.  Drug addicts, people with eating disorders, social anxiety disorders, ect. have made drastic life changes through CrossFit.  This isn’t unique to CrossFit by any means.  I have done three 6 Weeks Challenges here at our gym.  I have had numerous women cry telling me why they want to lose weight. I even had a few men tell me it was life and death and they had to make a change.  None of them are here anymore.  Some paid $250 and never showed up!  How is it that something is so important one day, to the point of life and death, and a few weeks later you quit?  I may not have a clear cut answer but here are a few ideas and how we can overcome being uncommitted.

We want a quick fix. I am not exempt. Most Americans want it our way right away like Burger King.  Women have told my wife to her face that they want to look like her.  Well guess what? She has worked out 2-3x a day over the past 5 years and eaten well after we had our son Jude.  That’s commitment.  Years of it. Nobody wants to hear that.  They want a 6 Week Fix and if they don’t see drastic life change most quit.  Look, quick fixes are a facade.  There is no such thing.  Even if results come fast and you quit, 6 weeks later you are back right where you started.  I went through a year long drug program back in 2005.  Guys would come in fresh off the crack pipe, alcohol binges, and often time going through heroin withdrawals.  Literally life and death.  Lengthy prison sentences hanging over their head. Family a wreck.  Some would get sober for a week and leave. Some would literally make it 3-6 months and leave. 90% of the time or so I would see them back at Wheeler Mission, on the street, or hear they died or were in prison.   There are a lot of guys that made it a year.  What was different about them.  I tell you why.  They knew it was a year program and made the commitment to stay a year no matter how hard things got.  Fitness is hard and takes long-term commitment.  It isn’t drug program hard, but it’s hard.  There are emotions ties to food and exercise.  It’s not lollipops and rainbows for a lot of people.  It is a grind even for the most committed from the time the alarm goes off.

How can we overcome being uncommitted?  Here are a few tips to help you be successful.  I’m preaching to myself.

  1.  Know your WHY and write it down.  Sounds corny, but it is important.  A small percentage of us just enjoy CrossFit and for the rest it’s not so easy to make it in without a specific goal attached.  Goals are important for all of us.  They give a purpose to the grind.  I would argue that CrossFit is the best, yet hardest program out there that tests your physical and mental prowess.
  2. Fail to plan, plan to fail.  You have to settle into routine and make it a habit.  Sure life gets in the way and our routine gets messed up.  That’s why you have your big WHY to fall back on.  Plan to make it so many times a week or plan to meet a friend at the gym.  Have your gym bag in the car or even a spare bag with clothes so you don’t have an excuse if you forget stuff.
  3.  Make it a priority.  The first thing to go on most peoples budget is the gym membership.  I hear sob stories of how much people need to lose weight and months later they cannot afford it or don’t have time.  These are excuses made up in their heads and began to believe them in order to justify quitting their goals they originally came in for.  I’m friends with most member s on Facebook.  I see the concerts, drinking, Colt’s games, vacations, and restaurant pictures.  Money and time is rarely the issue. Commitment and priority is.  In order to be successful at any task we have to stop lying to ourselves and kill our excuses.